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Danny Isserles

Storyteller, Video Creator, Manager, Marketer

And decision maker aside from when it comes to my title above

Photo by Danny Isserles, Oct. 2020, Canon 6D

35°19'33.8"N 115°32'42.3"W

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Danny here, nice to e-meet 🤮

Nope. Not a lover of e-meeting, much more of a face attached to body meeter! I enjoy the company of others. I am motivated by the teams I work with and love motivating them when leading a brand, a marketing arm, or a film set.

Originally from Israel and based in NYC, I wake up excited every morning about the daily adventures and challenges, and I possess endless energy to confront and (sometimes) enjoy them.

I've been stranded in deserts and creeks, had dinners with cultural icons, encountered shoot-outs, managed companies, toured off-broadway, and slept hungry in mud. I have many stories to tell. Be my audience for this short scroll. 

On this website, we will briefly cover

For a fast and flat overview - Download my CV

Or continue continue scrolling for a deeper dive into past work

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temi The Personal Robot

Position: CEO (U.S Business unit) & VP Global Marketing

As VP of Marketing of temi, I've built temi's marketing organization from ground up - naming, branding, messaging, website, social, video content, sales enablement materials, user manuals, live events, PR and more.

I then progressed from marketing management to leading the establishment and management of the U.S office and all its departments: marketing, sales, logistics, 24/7 customer support, finance, and software development.

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PK Website hero image with logo.jpg

Potent Kitchen

Position: CMO/CEO of PSC

Conceptualized, built and launched a CBD ingestible brand within 3 months.

Partnered with Chef Mika Sharon, we launched 8 products available on Potent Kitchen's fresh and beautiful website and in a growing number of premium retail locations.

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Position: Marketing & Content Specialist (Freelance)

In 2008 as Facebook was gaining popularity I partnered with Roboteam to revamp their marketing, and set a new

standard for marketing collateral in the defense industry .

I've created all the company's product and promotional videos, led a full re-brand process, a website revamp, and built comprehensive content kits for 3 different U.S D.O.D RFP's offering accumulated 1.3 Billion USD.

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Video Highlights:

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Doritos image for website 2.jpg

Doritos' "Crash The Superbowl"

Position: Producer, Director, Video Editor

This creative competition invited Doritos fans globally to create their suggested commercials for a chance to win $1,000,000 USD. Leading a small team of 4 (2 Copywriters, a Videographer, and self) at a $300-$400 dollar investment our commercial was selected as a finalist- 24 out of 8000 videos - 2 consecutive years. Our commercials production value was estimated by McCann Ericsson Israel at $30K-$45K

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Tziporela Groundbreaking Theater

Position: Marketing & Video Content Lead /
Ensemble member

In 2014 I joined Tziporela Ensemble - An Israeli groundbreaking comedy group as both an actor/creator in the group as well as the group's marketing and video content lead.

I led the scriptwriting, videography, editing, and distribution of numerous videos and ads promoting the ensemble's 240 Off-Broadway sold-out shows, workshops, and more.

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Video Highlights:

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Nissan Nativ -
Fundraising Festivals

Position: Creative Director, Producer

Conceptualization from the ground-up, creative direction, marketing, and real-time management of 4 different live performance fund-raising festivals towards the build of a new facility for Israel’s leading acting school. With the participation of over 40 of the top-performing artists the events raised over 3 Million Shekels.

The building was erected in 2015.


Completing my BA in Nissan Nativ, Israel's leading Theater school was a lifechanging experience. There I learnt from the best teachers to write, direct, act and produce.


In 2 different experiences I completed a

1 year management course and

1 year studying Philosophy and Literature at TAU.


After years of practical experience, I joined the Columbia Business School CMO Executive program to methodize and maximize my marketing capabilities.

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"Danny, We Must Speak!"
Of course. Form me anytime.

I hear ya! And will get back to you shortly.

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